Who Is Young W1on??

Young W1on (pronounced Won) is an aspiring generational sensation.
Influenced by his family's strong musical background he creates a
sound that can be compared to a Bryson Tiller meets an early Lil Bow
Wow. Expanding the imagination is the ultimate goal of Young W1on’s
message. He’s here to show his generation that not only can you be
cool, but you can be positive too. It is cool to be respectful and to be
respected. Most importantly though, being unique and trendsetting
are impactful traits for a public figure to uphold in today’s society.

The young King is the model of perfect immersion. Putting his mind
fully into the art of greatness, being a unique talent and the swagger
behind the music continuing to let it flourish.

Josiah Brown, AKA Young 1 Wons, is more than just a young black wide published author, a stud on the court or a cool music artist w/ a catchy tune. He’s also a pillar to the youth with a desire to lead positively in the community. His passion is helping oneself to believe past their imaginations and being a blessing onto others. 

   At the age of 10 he published his first book titled Young W1ons ABC Voyage. With his unique illustrations from Space to Royalty, Beaches to Jungles, he takes you on an alphabet journey of his realistic imagination. 

He quotes:

I just want to bless everyone from all walks of life with my stories hoping to have kids learn something in the process. Most importantly, for it to be a fun book diving journey.

Young 1 Wons mission is to help with the improvement of the developing of strong readers and creating educational engagement with fun interaction between the child and the storyline. Royal Minds Publishing is committed to the value and focuses on literacy with the youth of today and of the future. Young W1ons published book titled, "Young W1ons ABC Voyage", is the epitome of early education for children of all nationalities and from all family classifications.


 Growing up on the Northside of Houston influenced by his family's strong musical background he has many groundbreaking projects in the works. His creativity in his generation being a new wave prototype sets him apart at being the “ALL-IN-ONE” Superstar. 

image_6483441 (1).JPG

Musically, he’s  not only an artist but also a songwriter, and a inspiring music producer. As the youngest artist on the label, BluZone Entertainment, his new hit single “Steppin’ is making a strong local attraction headed into regional territories. He’s  performed on multiple stages at SXSW 2022 including The Exotic Pop Venue, The Takeover Showcase at Lux Tavern where he won 1st place cash price, The HHVFM Festival and more. And lastly, when it comes to sports, he’s a passionate WINNER w/ the trophies and highlights to prove what he's capable of. A natural born student of the game & a leader of his tribe!


When speaking on the future & "whos got next?" ....

Young W1on is on the top of the list when it comes to this generations new "all around child prodigy" with that IT FACTOR. 


Young W1on is the "NOW FACTOR"!


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